Guidelines for speakers

The Saturday Forensic Forum is designed to generate thought and discussion in an accessible and informal environment. Speakers are not being asked to present a lecture but to present a topic of interest and enter into discussion. We have a few guidelines to help direct you. There is no prescribed format, except that we ask you do not use power point slides.

Layout of the forum:

The forum will begin at 10:45. The group will introduce themselves. The speaker will be introduced.

The speaker will start by 11am and be allocated 40 minutes. There will then be a maximum of 40 minutes for group discussion and questions.


  • Disguise the setting and clients. Although we want an open forum with free discussion, confidentiality is a major consideration of the SFF. It is essential that you consider how to disguise clients and settings to ensure confidentiality and respect.
  • You may want to incorporate spaces for brief discussion or time for clarification during your speaking time.
  • Think about what the potential discussion points are.
  • No power point slides

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