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“Geese Theatre Company is a team of theatre practitioners who present interactive theatre and facilitate drama-based group work, staff training and consultation for the probation service, prisons, young offender institutions, youth offending teams, secure hospitals and related agencies throughout the UK and abroad”.


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“Inside Bitch” Play

insidebitch_1920x864_production_pageInside Bitch is a devised ensemble performance from Clean Break’s Members, a playful subversion of the representation of women in prison and how things aren’t quite as seen on TV”.


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Tackling Discrimination of BAME Women in the Criminal Justice System


Public Policy event on tackling discrimination of BAME women in the Criminal Justice System.

“This crucial symposium will give clinicians, policy makers, local authorities, criminal justice services, and commissioners, the opportunity to address this growing problem. It will review current legislative framework, examine present government and third party reports on discrimination, racism, and mental health in women in the CJS”. See link below for further details:

New publication – The end of the sentence Pamela Stewart and Jessica Collier


“HMP Holloway was the largest women’s prison in Europe, historically holding numerous infamous female criminals and eliciting intrigue and fascination from the public. The End of the Sentence: Psychotherapy with Female Offenders documents the rich and varied psychotherapeutic work undertaken by dedicated specialists in this intense and often difficult environment, where attempts to provide psychological security were often undermined by conflicting ideas of physical security”.


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New publication – Mothers Accused and Abused

“Mothers Accused and Abused: Addressing Complex Psychological Needs brings together stories about mothers who are accused of harming, and in some cases killing, their children, children who subsequently harm or kill others and the challenges to  professionals who work with them”.

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26th November 2015 Honouring HMP Holloway – remembering the closing of the largest women’s prison in Europe


It is worth remembering that the announcement of HMP Holloway was made by George Osborne on  26th November 2015. The inmates were gradually  “decanted” (the prison service’s term) from that date.
It is easy to lose track of time and contact with experiences.  This is why my colleague, Jessica Collier, and I have edited a book about  the 20 years of therapy in Holloway entitled “The Last Sentence” which is due for publication next Spring by Routledge. We and the contributors are determined to honour and document the brilliant work  achieved over many years by many therapists on behalf of hundreds of incarcerated women. 


History of Health in Prison project

unnamed‘Prisoners, Medical Care and Entitlement to Health in England and Ireland, 1850-2000’ undertakes research into topics that resonate with current concerns in the prison service, including the very high incidence of mental health problems among prisoners, the health of women and maternity services in prison, and responses to addiction and HIV/AIDS.

We are in the throes of our final public engagement activities now, with lots of report-writing about past work, but we’re also planning a big conference in London in December and a major theatre piece with Brokentalkers in Dublin for early 2019.

We can confirm that our exhibition, ‘Ordinary Prisoners’: Prisoners, Health and Reform, 1960–2000, will run at Kilmainham Goal Museum, Dublin, from Feb – April 2019. Drawing on Dr Oisín Wall’s research on prison reform organisations in Ireland, it will include work by photojournalist Derek Speirs.

Lock Her Up is appearing again, as a satellite event at Leeds International Film Festival. Experience it for free at Leeds Town Hall Weds 31 Oct – Sat 3 Nov.

So there’s still plenty to look forward to!


  • We wrote a piece for the Wellcome Collection about Victorian female prisoners
  • We talked to The Conversation about solitary confinement
  • We reflected upon The Trial
  • We wrote in The Conversation about Alias Grace

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