SFF Save the date – Saturday 19th November

You warmly invited to the next Saturday Forensic Forum on Saturday 19th November at the Philadelphia Association (time to be confirmed).

We’ll have our esteemed guest speaker and author, Dr Estela Welldon, leading the conversation about her book: “Mother, Madonna, Whore: The Idealization and Denigration of Motherhood” amongst her other publications.

In addition to the conversation with Dr Welldon, we will also have a space to discuss and reflect on a 30-minute film by Amelia O’Loughlin about the closure of HMP Holloway in July 2016 (see the following link): 


We would also like to invite those of you who are working on a project and care to share your work to contact us using the email address below so that we can arrange a time and a date for you to present your work at upcoming SFF forums. This would be a fabulous opportunity to test run and try out ideas with a friendly and open forum.

Should you have any queries or wish to book a place at the November forum, please respond to this email: saturdayforensicforum@gmail.com.

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