R. D. Laing Play – Arcola Theatre

‘Some people are lucky: they get through life thinking the ground beneath them is solid…’

London, 1970. Experimental psychiatrist R.D. Laing is facing eviction from his pioneering asylum in the East End’s Kingsley Hall. Local residents are up in arms – and to make matters worse, Ronnie’s revolutionary colleague David Cooper is flipping out on the roof…

With his personal life going down the pan and his mental state heading the same way, Ronnie takes an acid trip to the future. His mission is to save his therapeutic collective The Philadelphia Association, and secure his professional legacy. Will it be a one-way ticket to madness – or can breakdown sometimes mean breakthrough?

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Gresham College Lecture: Prison and Why We Send People There (Free Event)

Prison and Why We Send People There: Does it Work? Should it?

Wednesday, 2 December 2015 – 6:00pm
Barnard’s Inn Hall


‘They deserve to be put away’; ‘Appeal the sentence – too short’; ‘They should lock him up and throw away the key’. How civilised has it ever been to imprison other humans – or to want to do it? How many prisoners had their fates determined by circumstance, how many by truly free will? How often has increasing prison building been used to increase a politician’s vote? How impossible would it be for most politicians to argue for fewer prisons because they do not work, when as a society we have to assume they do?

Modern experience in diverse countries – from Norway to the USA – may suggest that money can be better spent than on keys, bars and walls.

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