Hanna Segal Memorial Conference

The Hanna Segal Memorial Conference is now available to download. Click here to view the trailer and make the download.

Hanna Segal (1918-2011) was one of the most eminent psychoanalysts of her generation. Her achievement has been celebrated all over the world and her work has been translated into numerous languages. Apart from being the foremost exponent of the work of Melanie Klein, she made fundamental contributions to psychoanalytic theory and practice, which include her work on symbolic function, creativity and aesthetics and her contributions to the understanding of the theoretical and clinical implications of the human urge to destroy. She was one of the very few psychoanalysts to maintain, throughout her life, a deep political engagement and made seminal contributions to the understanding of socio-political political processes, uniquely combining her understanding of very primitive layers of the mind with an acute political sensitivity.

The 2013 Memorial Conference was a celebration of a career spanning several decades and part of the Centenary of the British Psychoanalytic Society Celebration. Contributors included: David Bell, Geoffrey Baruch, Irma Brenman-Pick, Ron Britton, Donald Campbell, Égle Laufer, Jean-Michel Quinodoz, Vic Sedlak, Ignes Sodre, John Steiner, Riccardo Steiner, and Sally Weintrobe.

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