Intro to working with clients in contact with the law…

Thanks to those of you who came to a lively start to the SFF, and of course huge thanks to Pamela and Karen who gave a very interesting talk combining theory and practice. We were also pleased to welcome so many of you art and movement therapists as our “patients are of often acting out because they can not speak out”.

Some of the things we discussed included:

  • Where crime, the offender and the therapist sit in society and their relations to each other.
  • Our work will, in part, be about understanding the offence: what is the meaning of the offence; both conscious and unconscious?
  • What is the function of the crime and what are the secondary gains?
  • Working towards accountability.
  • How do we, as therapists, bring together society, the crime and the individual.

As requested here are the two references:

Richard Davies (2007): The Forensic Network and the Internal World of the Offender. Buy here or preview here.

Hanna Pickard (2011): Responsibility Without Blame: Empathy and the Effective Treatment of Personality Disorder

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