The Saturday Forensic Forum Returns for Season 3

“Sometimes a mad man can talk the sadness right out through his mouth.  Sometimes a killin’ man can talk murder right out of his mouth an’ not do no murder.”

 John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

A prison cell door

The Saturday Forensic Forum discusses how psychotherapy can be used to help people with severe and complex mental health issues, i.e. more than the “worried well”. The SFF demonstrates how psychotherapy works beyond the Woody Allen stereotype. We discuss work and experience with complex clients in difficult settings.

Forums are not exclusively about forensic clients in forensic settings, and we encourage input from a variety of fields. However prison provides the setting for engaging some of the most damaged and difficult psychotherapy patients, which illustrates the point of the SFF – that psychotherapy is not only for the “worried well.”

Please join us.

sky behind bars

Please note the forum is an informal environment but it is a professional one. The forum makes every effort to maintain confidentiality and asks that speakers and attendees disguise any cases or examples to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. We ask that attendees have completed or are in the process of completing a recognised psychotherapuetic training. If you are in doubt please contact us at

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